Japan Parking Association

Office location

Hibiya Kokusai Bldg., 2-3, Uchisaiwaicho2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0011

Date established

April 17, 1957




  • Sapporo Parking Association
  • Yamagata Parking Association
  • Sendai Parking Association
  • Fukushima Parking Association
  • Niigata Parking Association
  • Takasaki Parking Association
  • Ibaraki Parking Association
  • Saitama Parking Association
  • Chiba Parking Association
  • Tokyo Parking Association
  • Yokohama Parking Association
  • Shizuoka Parking Association
  • Nagoya Parking Association
  • Osaka Parking Association
  • Hyogo Parking Association
  • Okayama Parking Association
  • Hiroshima Parking Association
  • Takamatsu Parking Association
  • Fukuoka Parking Association

Business Activities

  1. Provide guidance and advice for promoting and improving parking and parking business
  2. Carry out surveys and research into specific issues around parking and parking management
  3. Make proposals to the Japanese government about transport policy, parking regulations and urban planning
  4. Provide training opportunities for parking Professionals
  5.  Carry out public relations about specific issues on parking business in general, for instance, facilities’ maintenance, management and operation through activities such as publishing Association’s Bulletins “PARKING”
  6. Any other necessary activities for achieving above

Detailed Activities

We, Japan Parking Association, conduct, in concert with 19 regional parking associations, diverse activities in line with our basic policies which include cooperating with governmental policies concerning parking, trying to promote information exchange and relationships between Members, encouraging sound development in parking business and contributing to public interest.

Organization and Activities

Beside the annual General Assembly and the Board meetings which are a decision-making body of our Association, we have 8 expert committees in charge of general affairs, financial affairs, planning, organization, legal affairs, research/management, public relations and technology, and work as one toward further development and improvement of parking industry and Members’ business.

We are also ready to introduce Members, in case of specific needs, to consultants and/or academic experts on the issues of the parking management.

Furthermore, we support Members through diverse activities, for instance as the newest topic, to play a role of industry’s representative to coordinate the group insurance coverage.

Personnel education and training

We plan, set up and host various workshops and seminars to learn administrative measures, latest development in parking business and so on.

Annually, we hold events including followings in order to cultivate close relationship between Members and extending their knowledge;

January         New year’s party

February        New year’s seminar on parking business (classroom study)

March            Spring workshop on parking business (sponsorship)

June              Field tour after the annual General Assembly

October          Autumn workshop (to be held alternately in Japan and overseas every year)

Research and Study

A trend survey on parking management of Members is conducted annually and the information including the result thereof is provided to members.

Public relations

The Association’s Bulletin “PARKING” is published quarterly which carries records of our activities, articles about developments of all kinds in parking business and our original serial articles. We also provide information through our website.

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